2016 Copa America: Any Surprises in Store?


From the Hammerstein Ballroom, draws have been decided for 16 teams. In each group, there are about four teams. It is the centennial edition of the Copa America Soccer Tournament which is also known as one of the oldest soccer challenges internationally. Prominent players of the team will play a significant role as the tournament will move forward.

In the Copa America Soccer Tournament history, the matches are scheduled in North America for the first time. Therefore, is it is certainly considered as a big event in American soccer.


Due to rich history of 100 years, tournament has gained a lot of respect within the soccer world. The numbers of teams are increasing for the tournament. Previously, it has been about 10 teams. Six teams have been added to the list to increase the excitement of the tournament further. It is certainly interesting to watch the rise of every team during the course of tournament. However, some prediction can be made on the basis of team’s performance.

Among the 16 teams, ten are taken from South America and other six comes from North America. According to the rules, six matches are played between the team in each group. Two leading teams from each group should play the quarter finals. There are four groups in the tournament. Therefore, it is quite natural to expect eight teams in the quarter-finals.

Match Dates and Predictions

For the inaugural match, Colombia and United States team are about to meet each other at the Levi’s Stadium. The match has been scheduled on 3rd June. Following to this match, there is a match between USA and Costa Rica on 7th June. Meeting has been fixed with the Paraguay team on 11th June by USA team. Presence of four strong teams in group A has made it a set of death. It is very hard to predict who will come as the victor in the end. These match games and groups have been decided through a draw by the celebrities from the sporting world.

Expert believes that USA has high chances of ending as one of the two teams from Group A. The winners from the Group A have to fight with a team group B. Therefore, it is possible to watch a match with Ecuador, Brazil, Peru and Haiti. Based on the current forms of the team, Brazil and Ecuador are mostly likely to reach at the quarter finals.

Teams like Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela and Jamaica have been retained in the Group C. It is necessary to follow Group D if you are interested in the matches of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Panama.

The 2016 Copa America Soccer Tournament is scheduled to begin from 3rd June and continued till 26th June. The final match is scheduled to be played at MetLife Stadium which is situated in New York.

A lot of buzz can be seen around the tournament. It is expected to be a treat for the soccer enthusiasts in USA. Tickets are made available already. Therefore, you can buy the ticket to watch the match from the stadium.

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Reasons to Sell Your Biz in 2016

During troubled times, most of the entrepreneurs think about sell a business. It may not be due to desperate financial situation. Some other reasons are found on the occasion also. In search of a fresh opportunity, business owner often look to sell a company.

Three primary reasons can be found to sell business.

Business Valuation

Experienced businessman often tries to sell company at the earliest interval in order to ensure highest amount of gain. In case of an opportunity of liquidity, it is considered most ardently. According to the experts and business agents, it is one of the best ways to retain value of company intact. Operating a business is considered as a risk. Duration of a business generally increases risk associated with it. Business worth is determined exclusively with the sale.

Eliminating risk

In the beginning of transaction, more amount risks are taken by the owner in order to expand the business according to goals and desires. Lack of risk element is observed during initial stage of business. However, effectiveness of taking risk can be noticed only if the owner wants to extend business beyond its limited periphery.

Due to growth of the business, value is enhanced quite naturally. Greater damage can be seen in the business with expansion in comparison to relatively smaller ones. Experienced owner does not want to bear the burden of bad strategy. Loss of energy within the owner is observed on the occasion.

Opportunity of return investment must be searched at the time of executing exit planning. Sell a business to avoid problem is considered as a smart choice.

Time to move forward

Liquidity can be a reason to sell business. By dedicating 15 to 20 years in a business, urge can be felt in order to move forward in life with other things. To retire from the company, sell company can be used as chosen method. Different strategies can be employed to sell a business. Energy can be devoted to look for other opportunities.

Quality of a good entrepreneur is to look forward. Therefore, business can be sold at an opportune moment to enjoy optimum pleasure.

How do I sell my company

For the purpose of selling business, it is better to consider few options before hand. Time to sell a company must be decided cleverly. Company can be prepared for sell with due importance on accounts, technology and core team. Business broker can be hired for great result. Responsibility to locate a perfect buyer can be given to broker.

It is not possible to acquire adequate amount of price through sale every time. Percentage of business can be sold to retain control. Increase in amount of sale price can be noticed with reference reputation, caliber, chemistry, trust and culture. Partners in the business also play an important role. Therefore, every step must be taken carefully.

Sales price must not be only consideration. By giving importance on the nature of prospective buyer or partnership, brand value of the company can be retained in the market effectively. Exit plan can be accomplished with the optimum value of company.

Exit Planning

A Tasty Treat to the Eyes – The Sage of Japanese Display Food

Miso Katsu

Isn’t it good enough to eat a dish before you actually taste it through your mouth? Yes, that is the excellence of Japanese people as they have invented the great art of Japanese prop food, commonly known as sampuru in Japan. You can call it a little magic of Japanese kitchen.

Just imagine the scenes such as green goop transforming into the head of lettuce, a ‘cooked’ mackerel dish that has never gone through a grill or the tempting dish of sushi that appeals numerous food-lovers for years… What is the secret behind them?

These are all the innovativeness of the Japanese people in producing display fake foods. Known as the food capital of Japan, Osaka is also famous as the center of display fake food where you will find different types of Japanese dishes both traditional and contemporary and famous dishes around the world. Of course, these dishes are available in real, but before that, you will be able to taste them through your eyes by viewing fake food of Japan.

Are you pondering over where to find these fake foods? These fake foods are so common in Japan that you can find them everywhere, in the street shops, in department stores, in underground shopping areas, in shopping malls and in all the touristy places.

The great significance of these fake display foods is that they help to overcome the language barrier. For more than 100 years, Japanese have been using this prop food to communicate with the people who don’t know Japanese language and therefore cannot make out the menu card in the Japanese restaurants. This realistic food is truly helpful for using as the advertising tool across the country that are immensely used by the restaurants for demonstrating the look, portion size and ingredients of the food and are displayed in order to allure the customers.

The manufacturing of these fake foods are so popular art of Japan that a large number of artists are engaged in this fake food industry and you can find them in the physical shops as well as online. Several online stores offers the customers to deliver the exactly replica food as you cook them at home or in the restaurants which are often more attractive in looks than the real foods.

If you want to go towards the root of wax food, you would find that since the introduction of Western-style dishes in Japan, the Japanese felt the importance of food display that would explain the food before the customers who were unfamiliar with them. Now it has become so popular art in Japan that different other countries such as China and South Korea have also adopted this art and manufacturing artificial food props. However, no other countries can compete with Japanese fake food in terms of craftsmanship and perfection.

Even in this machine age, Japanese manufacture each piece of these fake food props manually as they believe that the perfection they can provide in hand-crafted foods, machines cannot give so realistic looks. That’s why along with plastic they also use polyvinyl chloride, urethane and other ingredients to look best and these foods remains for several years as these are unaffected by temperature and other components of the weather.